Vocational Habilitation
Community Worksites
Peace by Piece Cleveland provides support and services to eligible individuals with DD/ASD, preparing them to enter the workforce at entry-level positions throughout Cuyahoga County. At Peace by Piece Cleveland, we make sure to tailor our employment preparation and skill development programming to each individual's strengths and capabilities, helping them reach their potential and make informed choices and decisions.

We work with local community worksites to help our consumers develop skills they need to gain employment. Consumers, at their own direction, perform job duties such as restaurant maintenance, plant/garden maintenance, custodial duties, and art studio and therapy duties. 

As of January 2019, we have added a new community worksite for the individuals we serve: Habitat for Humanity® ReStore®. These stores provide home improvement and furniture goods at steeply discounted prices, helping community members build up their homes and improve their communities. At ReStore®, PBPC community members will learn skills in logistics and sales.