Adult Day Support (ADS) Services
At Peace by Piece Cleveland, we provide an array of Adult Day Support services to develop and maintain a meaningful, integrated lifestyle for our clients. Among the classes and programs we provide are social skill development, art & music therapies, adaptive fitness classes, and nutritional guidance. These classes offer opportunities for personal growth, independence, and integrated support and resources through community involvement, participation, and relationships.
The Lakewood Public Library offers our clients courses on building practical life skills, such as computer literacy courses. Our clients are encouraged to engage and participate in classes offered.  
Adapted Fitness & Yoga provides our clients with a meaningful way to work their mind and body. These classes improve our clients' balance, muscle strength, posture, flexibility and concentration while reducing stress and anxiety. 
ROAM provides our population with music-based classes that enhance their growth in music, self determination, and tolerance. ROAM musical genres include old-time, blues, country, gospel, Cajun, jazz, Motown and early rock.
Art Therapy  &  Adaptive Theater
Peace by Piece Cleveland has partnered with the Beck Center for the Arts to provide art therapy and adaptive theater classes to members of our Adult Day Support (ADS) program. The Beck Center is "dedicated to inspiring and enriching the quality of life for Northeastern Ohioans," and their Creative Arts Therapies classes use "art, dance/movement, and music as a therapeutic tool" to "address academic, motor, emotional, and social skills as well as develop talents in the fine arts." These classes encourage the individuals we serve to explore their interests and learn to express themselves in a creative, healthy way. In addition, adaptive theater will allow PBPC community members to participate in the performing arts and learn alongside one another.

Nutrition Counseling for Healthier Living
At Peace by Piece Cleveland, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Alison Knight, MS, RD, LD to provide nutrition consulting to the community members we serve. As an organization, we are committed to providing exceptional, holistic health services and elevating our community’s well-being in both mind and body, and that’s why we will now be offering this service alongside our partnership with Adapted Fitness and Yoga Plus.

Alison Knight is a Registered Dietitian that has served the Cleveland community for the past seven years. She works to promote health and wellness in our community, and is particularly committed to providing nutrition consulting that is individualized, empathetic, and realistic for each client. At Peace by Piece Cleveland, our community members will have the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and living habits, so they can lead healthier and happier lives.

We believe that Alison’s nutrition consulting will be invaluable to the adults we serve and help us meet our goals as an organization. In general, dietitians and nutritionists:

  • Help individuals better understand food and dietary guidelines based on the most up-to-date health and nutritional science;
  • Personalize their recommendations based on each individual and their lifestyle, establishing goals accordingly;
  • Help individuals solve particular problems regarding food, nutrition, and health (providing suggestions and additional resources when applicable) and create healthier eating habits overall;
  • Motivate and support individuals to meet their goals and live the best lives possible.

For more information about Alison’s services, you can contact her by phone at (216)269-7551 or by email at [email protected]